Basque Country Flavours

basque_pic_01Sample itinerary
6 days/5 nights

The Basque Country is the gourmet epicentre of Spain, with many Michelin starred restaurants such as Arzak, Akelare and Berasetegui, along with “Gastronomic Societies” and famous tapas bars. Foodies from across the planet make their way to this Gourmet Mecca every year, just to dine at San Sebastian’s multitude of Michelin star restaurants and try the tapas or pintxos as they known locally.

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  1. […] Bilbao & The Basque Country Discover one of the oldest cultures in Europe; its people, landscape and food. The vibrant city of Bilbao is home to the prestigious Guggenheim Museum (designed by Frank Gehry), as well as some of the country’s best tapas bars and restaurants. These are just a few of the itineraries we offer. Other destinations include Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Andalucía. Please contact us for more information or additional itineraries. […]

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